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Diabetes Blog Week: Mantras

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Well today’s topic is an easy one. My favorite diabetes educator had a great saying… “It’s a crap shoot, we’ll clean it up later.”

I try my hardest to remember this. No matter what happens, or what judgement call I make, if something didn’t quite work right, we can fix it!

I miscalculated a carb count and now I have a pesky high blood sugar? Correct!

That shopping trip was more exhilarating than I anticipated and now my blood sugar is low? Treat!

Diabetes is so unpredictable and so many factors are out of your control. It’s so easy to stress out over the numbers on your meter or the line on your CGM, but sometimes you just need to take a deep breath and move on.


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I love beer, bluegrass music, Disney, and diabetes camp.

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