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So a week after starting this journey to bring my numbers down, I decided to plug in my Dexcom. When I saw the results, I was nearly in tears. My goal is get my A1C to 6.0 or lower. I want to be as close to “normal” as possible.

Once my Dexcom was plugged in, I went in and changed the date range to 7 days. I wanted to just see the results of the changes I made over the last week. I knew that I had improved things, but I had a few moments that I didn’t like. I had gone on a booze cruise over the weekend and I ran a little higher than I wanted. I had birthday cake for my mom’s 50th. There a few things I just wasn’t thrilled about. I mean, I wasn’t kicking myself or anything but I knew that those things could prevent me from reaching that 6.0 goal. Well, apparently despite those things, my week went the way I wanted it to.

My average blood sugar for that week… 127mg/dl!! That equates to a 6.0 A1C!!!

I couldn’t sleep after that. I was so jazzed. I can DO THIS! I CAN DO THIS! I’m so proud of myself and excited to keep moving on. I’m excited to bring that number down a little bit and to make that standard deviation smaller. Because I CAN DO THIS!

it's working


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I love beer, bluegrass music, Disney, and diabetes camp.

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