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15 Rule: Apparently not for me!

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Since I’ve been experiencing tighter control, and generally lower numbers, I’ve also been experiencing… well, lower numbers. I’m so grateful to have my Dexcom to catch these lows and really figure out how my body is working right now.

Something I have discovered- most of the time, 15 carbs is way too much for me. If my blood sugar is 64 mg/dl, 15 carbs worth of juice or glucose tabs will SHOOT my blood sugar up to over the high end of my target range. I did not know this was happening before I was on my Dexcom. And I guess I didn’t really care. If I was 180 I was ok with that. But not anymore! I’m taking this more seriously! 

This morning my Dexcom woke me up because I was 60. I ate 2 glucose tabs that were 5g a piece (so 10 carbs total). I’ve been hanging in the 120s ever since. BOOM!


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