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Low Carb Meal: Qdoba Taco Salad

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So my quest for low carb has begun. My brother (who I work with) asked if I wanted to get Qdoba for lunch. I checked out their menu online and noticed that they have taco salads! Sounded good to me! I put on order in for this masterpiece with 3 different salsas, guacamole, fajita peppers, and chunks of steak.

I saw the dish when I went to pick it up and estimated that it was probably 20 carbs-ish with all the veggies (and there was a little corn in one of the salsas). When I got back to the office and sat at my desk I thought, “You know, I should probably look at their site and see the real count.” HOLY CRAP! It said this thing was 47 grams! I definitely didn’t totally believe it but I went for it because I figured they know better than I do what’s in this salad.

I definitely regret that now. I think my initial estimate was closer to correct. Before I ate my BG was 144 (and dropping from a previous correction). One hour after the meal it was 91! Ok… no biggy. Maybe I’m just that awesome. Nope. 2 hours after the salad I was 60! I packed on another 24 carbs to treat the low and attempt to cover the insulin on board that was still coasting through my system.

So, in conclusion, I learned to take a closer look at the carb counts given on websites. I’m thinking there was an ingredient included somewhere that I didn’t put in my taco salad.

The good news is, I’m now pretty confident in my ability to bolus for a Qdoba taco salad next time we get take out!



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